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Candidate brief for the position of CFO LRM (Group)


The Opportunity

With current CFO Theo Donné set to retire in June 2023, the group has decided to strengthen the current management team with a new CFO through an external recruitment process.


The Role

The incumbent will be primarily responsible for the finance department (around 10 people) and the 'back office' (5 people) in which leadership will be given to the financial analysts who assist the investment managers in analysing investment opportunities. An experience in M&A as a senior financial executive is definitely a plus given the nature of LRM's business.

S/He will have to have relevant finance management experience in (a) sizeable organisation(s) and will be in charge of developing and implementing the financial policy and steering the Finance department in order to contribute to the achievement of the organisation's financial results and strategic objectives.

As the CEO’s right hand, s/he is responsible for developing and monitoring the strategic business plan and policy of the entire LRM group. S/He also sits on the boards of strategic subsidiaries, with or without the CEO, and looks after the interests of the LRM group.

S/He participates in the Board of Directors, the Director’s Committee (with the Chairman & 2 vice-Chairpersons), Investment and Audit Committee and is a member of the (Group) Management Committee.

Besides these main responsibilities, which are those of the current CFO as the result of his many years in this role with LRM, depending on pre-existing competencies s/he will also be in charge of managing the transaction services team consisting of 3 legal and 1 paralegal professional; furthermore facility management can also be entrusted to the new CFO.

Management experience with or at state owned and/or complex organsiations is a must.


  • Develop a financial strategy for the organisation in order to achieve the organisation's vision
  • Provide financial advice to the executive board/management team for day-to-day management and support the CEO and Board of Directors in developing a long-term strategy
  • Prepare the business plan for the Finance Department and challenge the business plans of the members of the management team to arrive at a feasible business plan for the entire organisation
  • Managing the budget cycle at individual company and group level, investment plan and financial plan in order to ensure results within the policies of the financial plan
  • Guarantee correct financial results and analysis in order to achieve a cost-efficient and quality organisation and ensure the financial health of the organisation
  • Coordinate and organise various financial activities: accounting, financial analysis, controlling, treasury, cost analysis, debtor follow-up...., in order to ensure smooth, correct and legitimate financial activities
  • Building a cohesive team of highly qualified staff in order to work as a well-functioning department
  • Working out and implementing a process and efficiency improvements through digitisation and automation programmes; this is a clear and present priority
  • Develop and implement policies and direct the back office department in order to comply with predefined internal procedures and contribute to achieving the organisation's strategic objectives form the final element of the so-called four-eye principle for all investment decisions in the financial field


Core Result Areas

  • Coordinate the implementation of the financial analyses, including planning and follow-up in order to ensure full and efficient cooperation with the investment team
  • Report findings, business risks associated with activities and implemented action plans and results
  • Optimise, develop and implement procedures, rules, tools and reporting structures in order to run financial analyses efficiently
  • Daily steering of the audit parameters (follow-up of audit recommendations, budget, resources, etc)

The Person

Experience, Knowledge & Skills

  • At least 10+ years of relevant experience in managing a finance department
  • Experience in a complex organisational structure with consolidation at different levels, possibly having had some relevant exposure to government linked organisations or institutions
  • Results-oriented with focus on process and efficiency improvements, digitalisation and automation; this will be a priority in the first phase after onboarding with in-depth knowledge of digitalisation in a finance/consolidation environment
  • Familiar with M&A processes and interpreting due diligence reports and valuations from different angles: DCF, IRR, multiples, etc.
  • Strong communicative people manager
  • Well-organised, stress-resistant and deadline-oriented
  • Experience in managing teams & organisations through indirect/executive boardmembership instead of traditional direct report or matrix management structures
  • Dutch mother tongue is required (all official meetings & documents are in Dutch) and preferably living in Limburg or having a close relationship with the region.

Search Process

Approach candidates

We will have an initial discussion with you over the phone to determine your interest and suitability for this role, and discuss a little about your background and aspirations.

Interview candidates

Once your interest and suitability has been determined we will arrange for you to meet with the Partner leading this search.

Short listing

Having met with candidates who will differ on experience, ambition and background, we will put forward a number of candidates whom we feel most meet the criteria.

Meeting our clients

LRM will meet the candidates on the shortlist. This will give you the opportunity to really understand

the role, the company culture and their expectations of you. You will more than likely have multiple meetings with key stakeholders to get a feel for the business.

Due diligence

As you will appreciate, you will have conducted due diligence on LRM and they will expect us to do the same for the candidates who they anticipate would really bring that ‘something special’ to the business.

Offer and acceptance

LRM puts together the offer which we convey to you. We will fully support you through your resignation period and beyond.

Ongoing communications

We like to maintain contact with all candidates from a search. If you have been successful in this activity we will meet with you after your first month to ensure that your expectations have been met. If you have not, we will ensure that you gain full feedback and we will maintain a relationship with you for the future.


We guarantee that any approach we make to you and any discussions we have will be in the strictest confidence. Any discussions will be conducted under the terms of a formal nondisclosure agreement.



Managing Partner

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luc.wouters [at] odgersberndtson.com

Senior Research Consultant

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