News - 26/01/21

Enervalis raises 2.8 million euros in fresh capital

Shareholders confirm confidence

HOUTHALEN-HELCHTEREN - High-tech IT company Enervalis will receive a capital injection of 2.8 million euros from existing investors. ABB, LRM, Nuhma and Elia thus confirm their confidence in the company. Enervalis developed a smart IT platform for the control of energy assets such as electric cars and heat pumps. The company is located in Greenville, the incubator for cleantech companies in the former main building of the Kempense Coal Mines in Houthalen-Helchteren.

Enervalis proudly reports that a new capital round has been successfully completed. This includes an increase in capital by the existing shareholders, including ABB which led the round, LRM, Nuhma and Elia. The capital increase should be considered as funding for a scale-up. The money will be used to accelerate sales, tap into new markets, expand internationally, launch new services and many more accelerating activities. The Enervalis platform for monitoring and smart control is definitely a forerunner in the market. With the capital increase, Enervalis wants to accelerate growth and become number 1 in the market for monitoring and smart control of energy assets.

ABB is a technology leader driving the digital transformation of industries. Enervalis teamed up with ABB to create integrated and distinctive energy transition solutions that will be sold and deployed around the world.

Wim Boonen, CEO of Enervalis: “We are very pleased with the confidence shown by the existing shareholders and are pleased to see ABB’s continued commitment to the company. The expertise of a global player such as ABB will continue to open many doors for Enervalis to international markets and the sustainable growth of the company. Moreover, we have already developed a strong partnership in recent years by flying many projects together. We look forward to taking that collaboration to the next level.”

Frank Muehlon, Head of ABB’s global business for E-mobility Infrastructure Solutions commented: "At ABB we believe that sustainable development means progress towards a healthier and more prosperous world today and for future generations. Investment in smart energy technologies such as those developed by Enervalis are key in driving that sustainable development and we are proud to be enabling further progress of this unique platform.”

“Enervalis is a very good example of an innovative company that cleverly combines its knowledge in both the IT sector and in the field of green energy to help build a more sustainable world,” says Tom Vanham, General Manager of LRM. “Let that be something that LRM itself is also committed to. Moreover, Enervalis is located at Greenville in Houthalen-Helchteren, one of the Limburg incubators, where they are part of a dynamic community of like-minded people and can count on expert advice to grow. We are very proud to be able to help Enervalis to grow in this phase thanks to our 'smart money', because in addition to the necessary capital, we also make our expertise available.”

Enervalis was founded in 2013 and based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) developed a unique platform for the smart control of energy carriers such as electric cars and their charging facilities, HVAC installations, heat pumps, boilers and batteries. The system gives the user insight into energy flows and controls and optimizes the energy carriers to save costs, but also to increase comfort in homes and to be able to purchase energy in a smart way. For example, Enervalis combines various small energy carriers into one large virtual energy carrier to get more out of energy reserves.