News - 26/04/19

Euregional partnership to support companies and enterprises

LRM, LIOF and NRW.BANK agreed on expanding their cooperation on cross-border activities in order to facilitate and support companies and enterprises even more effectively in the closely integrated cross-border economic area of Belgian and Dutch provinces of Limburg and North Rhine Westphalia. This cross-border cooperation will focus in particular on business development, promotional and financing solutions.

The cross-border region comprising the Belgian province of Limburg, the Dutch province of Limburg and western North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) is a at the heart of Europe with great economic potential that needs to be exploited to remain and become ever more competitive in a global economy. More than 60 universities, colleges and academic institutions make it one of the most innovative regions in the EU, which is characterized by an active start-up scene as well as dynamic SMEs.

The partners emphasize the European spirit of the cooperation and will create synergies with already existing and emerging co-operative structures, e.g. INTERREG programs, bi- or trinational agreements at all political and administrative levels.

Concretely, the three partners intend to align and expand their instruments, activities and networks for companies and innovative enterprises across the entire region.

This will be done among others by organizing joint events open to their respective networks of start-ups, scale-ups and innovative SMEs.

Tom Vanham, CEO LRM: “Internationalization is an important next step in the life of companies and economic growth in general, therefore this partnership crossing the borders of three core European countries is self-evident for LRM”, says Tom Vanham, CEO LRM. “We stimulate our portfolio companies to look across borders and we try to connect with knowledge centres and ecosystems outside (Belgian) Limburg in order to make their solutions and knowhow accessible to our local companies and communities. We are very happy to cooperate even more with our strong Euregional counterparts, LIOF and NRW Bank in the near future to boost our and their economy and society in general.”.

Tys van Elk, director LIOF: “This cooperation is an important next step in our ambition to support Limburg companies in their business development and innovation. We are confident that companies will benefit from this Euregional partnership.

In the future we intend to create more opportunities for Limburg based companies and bring the best of the cross-border region together with regard to business development, knowledge and financial solutions. We look forward to working more closely together with LRM and NRW.BANK to achieve these goals”.

"We have been advising and encouraging companies from North Rhine-Westphalia, which want to venture the step abroad for a long time", says Gabriela Pantring, Member of the Managing Board of NRW.BANK. "Through the cooperation with LIOF and LRM we can more effectively pursue our efforts especially in the EU-region Meuse-Rhine and support in particular synergies of the entire economic region."