Limburg is becoming increasingly important in the start-up scene. Vigorous starter dynamism is the keynote here. Limburg Startup is an open platform, a first class starters community, supported and developed by Limburg’s business community with the aim of linking existing start-up initiatives, strengthening start-ups and accelerating their growth processes. By linking all stakeholders from the broad start-up landscape, we are offering a boost to young entrepreneurs within the province and facilitating the growth of business in the region.

Against the backdrop of digital change and with ICT as a catalyst and enabler, new start-up opportunities are emerging at the crossroads of sectors. Limburg has several fast-growing start-up communities in future-oriented sectors a stone's throw from each other. LSU is therefore looking for unique start-up combinations and new business models at the intersection of different areas of expertise.

LSU organises inspiring networking moments, nurtures community formation between start-ups across sector and country borders and connects start-ups with the market, with mature companies, experienced entrepreneurs and motivated coaches who share their experience and open up their network.

Limburg Startup was founded under the aegis of LRM and can count on €940,000 in support from the European Community through ERDF project 1181: digital acceleration and exploitation of Limburg start-up communities. LRM nv is a promoter, Imec and UHasselt are co-promoters. The Province of Limburg is supporting the project with a financial contribution of 480,000 euros.
The total project budget is 2,352,781.25 euros.