In 2015, the municipal council of Kinrooi concluded a cooperation agreement with LRM for the development and expansion of the Leuerbroek industrial park. In 2017, the SME zone was expanded by 7.9 hectares, an important step for the economy in this rural municipality. It is even expected to generate ten jobs per hectare in Leuerbroek.

Leuerbroek industrial park covers a total area of 8 hectares. The plot size varies between 2,000 m² and 5,400 m². There are still four lots for sale:

Lot 6 = 3,192 m²
Lot 12 = 2,803 m²
Lot 13 = 2,572 m²
Lot 15 = 5,424 m²

The Spatial Implementation Plan can be found via this link, the demarcation plan can be found here.

Interested in establishing your firm at Leuerbroek?
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