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Kristalpark III is considered the most sustainable business park in Flanders. It is located on an industrial zone of a total of almost 900 hectares in Lommel, North Limburg, and enjoys a strategic location there. In the heart of the Euregion, the business site is easily accessible via motorways, railways and waterways.

Businesses that set up at the site can connect to a solar park of no fewer than 300,000 solar panels, which sits behind the plots. All of this meansĀ green energy at affordable rates. The solar park is complemented by 13 wind turbines dotted across the site, making Kristalpark lll theĀ most sustainable business park in Flanders.

Kristalpark III NV was founded in 2011 by LRM and the city of Lommel and is responsible for the management, development and commercialization of the business park.

The business parks cover a total area of 300 hectares. The plot sizes vary per sub-zone. Check out the different zones here.

Would you also like to plug your company into the green sockets of Kristalpark III?
Feel free to contact m.delvaux [at] lrm.be (Martine Delvaux), she will be happy to help you.

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