Venture capital

LRM is a financial investor. In principle, it does not intervene in the day-to-day management of a company. The quality of the owner-manager and of the management team represents a key criterion in every one of LRM's investment decisions.

A careful enterprise plan maps the opportunities of an investment (commercial, technical, organisational and financial). A well-thought-out business plan takes time, but is necessary to evaluate a project. LRM invests in companies developing activities in Limburg. This means that LRM can invest in foreign companies on condition that these companies perform activities in Limburg. Secondly, LRM also invests in Limburg companies in connection with foreign financing projects, in order to strengthen the Limburg entity.

Concerning venture capital, LRM offers three product building blocks:

  • Venture Capital
    Dit is een financiering door LRM met kapitaal voor ondernemingen in een vroeg ontwikkelingsstadium.
  • Private equity
    Hier gaat het om risicodragend vermogen van LRM dat bestemd is voor de financiering van ondernemingen in hun groeifase of in een situatie van reorganisatie.
  • Mezzanine
    De benaming voor achtergestelde leningen die tussen het eigen vermogen en de bank instaan.