It’s a pleasure working with LRM
Stéphane Verdood
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Vesalius Biocapital

It’s a pleasure working with LRM

If there is a promising biotechnology company launch anywhere, Vesalius Biocapital is quick to invest. Since 2008, LRM has been on board to take an interest both in Vesalius itself and to see whether there can be joint investment in the dossiers that are on the table.

Stéphane Verdood and his company Vesalius Biocapital in fact operate from Luxembourg. “Since 2007, we have been on the lookout all over Europe for interesting start-ups that are active in human biotechnology,” the CEO tells us. “These are companies that develop medicines, materials or other applications, to improve human health.”

In 2008, it reached a deal with LRM, which has an incubator at BioVille in Diepenbeek for promising biotech companies. “So our fund, together with LRM, has been able to support a number of good companies in BioVille, like Apitope, Complix, Amakem and Softhale,” says Verdood. “The dossiers that bring LRM and us together are introduced either by us or by LRM. Each of us keeps an eye on the market in our region. We then consult briefly, but no less thoroughly, on whether or not to invest together. Discussions take place in an atmosphere of mutual trust, which allows us to study and defend each other's interests with an open mind. Everyone says what’s on their minds, and I value that about LRM. Even if we can’t reach agreement on supporting the proposed project jointly, we remain good friends.”

Vesalius Biocapital also praises LRM for its expertise in this biotech cluster. “The staff in this department know what they’re talking about,” Verdood adds. “They also have a broad network, which is great for us in terms of making new contacts. So our cooperation works really smoothly. There is no reason to change anything in the future.”