Good barometer for the economy in Limburg
Angelo Bruno
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Mobility Center Genk Zuid

Good barometer for the economy in Limburg

LRM has participated in Mobility Center Genk Zuid since its launch. Based in the industrial area between Genk, Bilzen and Zutendaal, it is a unique rendezvous point offering a wide variety of services for the haulage industry. Truck drivers stop here for fuel, to sleep, to use the covered and secure parking spaces, or for vehicle maintenance. This is provided by partners like Group Bruno, Nebim JRS and Banden De Condé. “Furthermore, administrative formalities are also carried out in Mobility Center Genk Zuid, such as customs and other freight forwarding documents,” says business manager Angelo Bruno. “It is, in short, a one-stop-shop for truckers.”

LRM has been involved with this company for longer than Group Bruno itself. “That’s true, because LRM was already a shareholder when we acquired the shares from Ewals in 2014,” says Bruno. “We hold 51% ourselves, while LRM and De Scheepvaart each have a 24.5% stake.” As a partner, the investment company plays an active role. “One of the duties that LRM has taken on is the search for new, operational partners, so that we can expand our service provision,” Bruno adds. “A number of hectares of Mobility Center Genk Zuid are still to be filled, and we will be able to call on LRM’s network, who will put us in contact with parties of interest.”

Angelo Bruno appreciates the efforts that LRM makes. “I see their role primarily as supporting Limburg's entrepreneurs,” he says. “LRM represents major leverage when it comes to getting innovative projects on track. In that sense, it’s a good barometer for the whole economy in Limburg, because the more innovative initiatives there are, the greater the faith in the future.”