LRM’s network remains interesting
André Schelfhout
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Biogas Bree

LRM’s network remains interesting

In 2013 a modern plant for the fermentation of biological waste from the food industry opened in Bree. LRM was more than willing to provide the investors with a subordinated loan. “And we are very grateful for that, because without LRM this project may never have got off the ground,” says manager André Schelfhout.

Biogas Bree is a company that was set up to generate green energy by fermenting organic biological waste and energy crops under oxygen-free conditions. Using this process, Biogas Bree treats no less than 220,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum. Schelfhout, who earned his spurs as an entrepreneur many years ago in the agricultural and horticultural sector, clearly recalls how LRM became involved in the project. “To build the plant, serious investment was needed,” he tells us. “The banks were demanding a great deal of own resources before allowing credit. At that point LRM came up with something. Thanks to their subordinated loan, the other financial partners wanted to take part and that started the ball rolling. LRM’s contribution made a big difference.”

Biogas Bree opened its doors in March 2013 and is now firing on all cylinders. “LRM’s role is different now than it was in the start-up phase,” Schelfhout adds. “From being a purely financial partner, they have also become an important link in our network. LRM is able to open doors. They have excellent connections in the cleantech sector and put us in contact with the right partners for new projects. So not only do they give us oxygen in a financial sense, but also in terms of a relationship for supporting innovation. For Biogas Bree LRM is a solid partner that represents clear added value.”