Value creation for Limburg

In all investments LRM aims to generate profit. We demand fair compensation for the resources used, depending on the risk. The realised profits and released funds after an exit can be reinvested in new projects. Profit generation allows LRM to operate as a rolling fund and continue the investment rhythm in the long term.

LRM invests in companies and projects that generate economic activities in Limburg, thereby contributing to sustainable retention and growth of employment in Limburg. 

In addition to the focus on economy and employment, sustainability and climate awareness also play an important part in our investment decisions. Limburg has a unique advantage compared to other regions in Flanders: we have space, which means that there is room to realise impactful climate projects. LRM actively invests in green projects: solar, wind and biomass.

LRM also focuses on internationalisation to strengthen the fabric of business in Limburg. We are primarily committed to a good relationship with the USA through a partnership with the Belgian-American Chamber of Commerce Belcham. Opportunities in the Euregio (Dutch Limburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Liège and, by extension, Wallonia) will also receive maximum focus. For this purpose we are working together with LIOF and NRW.BANK.

Smart money

With "smart money" or "smart money" we want to make the passage of LRM in the company not only financially, but also substantively and strategically relevant for the entrepreneur and the company. Thus, LRM offers a lot of added value to (potential) portfolio companies. 

LRM strives to exert a 'smart' influence on all sectors in which it invests, by providing expertise, experience, innovative real estate and a strong community operation.

Long-term partnerships

Every one of LRM’s activities happens with a view to partnership in the long term, with both private and public parties. Transparency and respect are key. In principle, LRM does not get involved in the day-to-day policy of a company, but is keen to make an active contribution to determining strategy. 

With private parties
This partnership leads to synergy, knowledge bundling and greater efficiency on many levels. As a generalist LRM is open to invest together with other parties, which may or may not be specialised. 

With public parties 
The development of business infrastructure requires a long-term vision. The administrative procedures sometimes take years. By entering into a partnership with local city and municipal councils and higher authorities, LRM can streamline the development processes more effectively. That way, projects such as the construction of business premises are established more quickly. LRM also maintains good alliances with a number of knowledge institutions.