Limburg is a strong region where companies can grow, and where it's good to work and live. It comes down to getting a head start with innovation, creativity and sustainable projects in the space available.

LRM sees Limburg, with its accessible business parks and green spaces, as one big lab to test experimental initiatives for their feasibility. We are taking the lead in developing ideas and projects that guarantee innovation.

Limburg and Flemish initiatives blend into each other like communicating vessels. Flanders’ strengths are additional assets for the Limburg spearhead clusters. In turn, new Limburg developments also put Flanders on the map.


LRM is transforming Limburg’s economic DNA by making capital and infrastructure available to promising young companies. We are the perfect catalyst for the transition from the Limburg manufacturing economy to an innovative and technological economy. Via impact-driven investment activities and in cooperation with relevant actors, we are developing high-quality clusters within the Limburg spearhead sectors. In short, LRM is contributing to the development of Limburg as a leading sustainable region.