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Relationship manager:
4Energy Invest, a renewable energy company that is quoted on the stock exchange and focuses on the valorisation of (wood-like) biomass into energy, has initiated the realization of a 9.5 MWe biomass fired cogeneration project. The project will be realised in Ham, on a site adjacent to the Albert Canal and Agricon, an industrial barks processor. The project will be built and operated by “4HamCogen NV”, 100% subsidiary of 4Energy Invest.

Agricon will supply approximately 50% of the biomass (deriving from its activities on site) required by the project. Other biomass needs will be secured through suppliers from a portfolio which 4Energy Invest has built up over the years. 4HamCogen will deliver heat to Agricon and feed the generated green electricity into the distribution grid.

The start of the commercial exploitation of the cogeneration project is scheduled for the last quarter of 2011.

The investment company LRM will finance this biomass fired cogeneration project by providing a subordinated loan of 5 million Euros to 4HamCogen.
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